“Practical and Fun Day Provision for Service Users with Mild to Moderate Learning Difficulties/Disabilities, Autism, Brain Injuries and/or Mental Health to Open in Great Barr With the Aim of Reversing the Trend of Ever Reducing Services for Adults Who Learn Differently”

Flexible, fun, and fully supported day provision for young adults 16-24 and adults 25+ with mild to moderate learning difficulties/disabilities, brain injuries, autism and/or mental health open in Great Barr.

Beating the trend of big funding changes that continually reduce the number of vocational learning places available to adults 16+ is our aim.

We’ve witnessed, on many occasions over the past 20 years, that adults who learn differently can enjoy greater independence, improved wellbeing and many more life choices, hence beating funding changes is imperative to us.

We feel it is crucial these funding changes don’t take away the positive changes we’ve seen in 100’s of students’ lives during the last 20 years.

It is our belief that, “adults who learn differently can enjoy; greater independence, improved wellbeing and many more life choices as well as make massive strides forward with their lives and achieve outcomes they initially thought were beyond them”.

Community Prospects CIC will continue with this tradition of replacing frustrated frowns with contented smiles, boosting learners feelings of self-worth and helping families enjoy greater harmony.  As we believe, with patience, belief and guidance everybody can learn, everybody can participate and everybody can contribute to making this world a happier place.

Creating Bird Boxes For The Wildlife Trust

"Creating Bird Boxes For The Wildlife Trust"

Enjoy practical learning without deadlines or difficult workbooks

"Designed, built and painted a large jenga puzzle for a special school"

We focus on encouraging service users to be more independent by:

  • conquering disbeliefs through moments of triumph
  • turning a can’t do attitude into a can do belief
  • fulfilling greater life choices through increased confidence and
  • enjoying greater wellbeing
Help and Guidance in the Woodcraft Workshop

"Help and Guidance In The Woodcraft Workshop"

Projects available include:

  • Woodcraft.
  • Designing and building bird boxes, bird tables, insect hotels, and hedgehog homes.
  • Working with wildlife trusts to place bird boxes in key breeding areas.
  • Craft and Design.
  • Furniture restoration.
  • Transforming dull tired furniture into ‘Shabby Chic’.
  • Bike Servicing.
  • Car valeting.
  • Personal Development.

These projects will be available in our workshops – please note all our service users will be supported by our caring staff that’ll create safe and friendly environments. All staff are fully DBS checked and we have in place clear safe guarding and risk assessment policies to ensure the person you care for is in good, safe and professional hands.

  • A safe, friendly and supported learning environment with an engaging fun timetable
  • Greater vocational learning flexibility aimed at increasing employability, life and social skills as well as improving wellbeing and decision making
  • 1,2,3,4 or even 5 days a week availability
  • A different approach with more practical, hands-on learning that’s not academically demanding
  • A greater focus on practical learning in bite size chunks within workshops
  • Practical learning with some work focused activities and community involvement
  • Person Centred learning focusing on the service user and their needs/aspirations
  • No pressure, no deadlines, no difficult workbooks
Transforming dull old furniture into ‘Shabby Chic’

"Dull and Old Furniture into Shabby Chic"

Timings and Availability:

The workshops are open Monday to Friday 10:00 – 3:30 p.m. and service users can come 1,2,3,4 or 5 days a week Monday – Friday.

Where is it available?

Unit 3 Great Barr Business Park, Baltimore Road, Great Barr. B42 1DY

Tamworth Development College, Silica Road, Tamworth B77 4DT

Who’s it for?

  • Anyone 16+ with a mild to moderate learning difficulty/disability, autism, brain injury or mental health
  • Travels independently or with carer/parent
  • Ability to work independently with 1 staff member present with minimal support within a group of up to 10 learners
  • Can look after their own personal hygiene care
  • Willing to participate in all tasks and activities
  • Self-administers own medication with staffsupport—medication will be signed in and locked away whilst with us
  • Is responsible for bringing their own food and eating independently within a group

Please note: a service user doesn’t need to have any ability, qualifications or experience to try out any activity.

Team effort from the furniture restoration team

"Furniture Restoration Team"

Who’s it not for?

  • Adults 16+ with moderate to severe learning difficulties/disabilities and mental health
  • Adults 16+ with severe challenging behaviours
  • Adults 16+ with severe physical disabilities

Please note: for service users who come into the ‘Who’s it not for’ category we have a day provision called Skills Tank for more details please visit: www.skillstank.co.uk

Can you choose the activities you want?

Yes you can. We’ll ask you to complete a ‘holistic assessment’ to understand what your individual needs are and what you’d like to do.

On the way to being bright sparkling and clean

"From Dirty To Sparkling Clean In No Time"

What’s the cost?

The cost is £45 per day. We provide excellent value for money and promise to provide worthy support, learning opportunities and advancement in personal development.

For a No Obligation Information Pack or to Refer into this service please call Del on 0121 358 8150 or to download further details or request us to send you an information pack by Royal Mail please click here and leave us your details – thank you.

Getting ready to show our wares at a community event

"Wow-This is What We Do All For Sale At Community Events"