“It's been an Amazing Journey, Not Always Easy” – Here's a Brief Insight

When J.S. first came with his support worker to talk to us about the learning opportunities we offer he was living in a secure residential hospital due to a breakdown. He was very, very quiet, withdrawn and needed his self-esteem boosted.

He chose the cycle workshop and started in November 2010 under what was then our college provision.

Community Prospects CIC
J.S. standing proudly with one of the bikes he has rebuilt

To begin with, his attendance was very patchy and he needed to be escorted, but with some patience and gentle encouragement his attendance improved and as it improved so did his self-belief. Bit by bit he gradually started to settle into his tasks and more importantly, interact with his fellow learners, support staff and tutor.

Over time, J’s confidence has grown and grown, helping him to engage with others; both students and customers. His bike maintenance and mechanical problem solving skills just continue to improve.

He’s moved out of the residential hospital and back home with his wife (over 30 miles away). Initially, J travelled independently by train, but having recently rebuilt his driving proficiency, he now drives to and from Community Prospects CIC Limited.

All of these positives started once he visited RAF Cosford without his carer, a day he really enjoyed, a day he made friends and a day that marked the start of this amazing journey.

Today, 6 years later, he’s in a totally different, much better place.

He’s a valued member of the team; he works alongside staff as a volunteer/mentor and happily helps out others, ensuring that they also benefit from the skills he has learnt.

His long-term goal is to return to full time paid work, a goal he continually makes great strides towards and will meet.  It’s been an amazing journey, not always easy but J.S. has worked hard to achieve so much.

When asked about his journey he says “I like coming here because it is good to help others, it’s nice to have structure in my life. It’s sad for me when somethings go wrong like Shoib who is no longer here and now he has no structure”.

The trend of big funding cuts having negative impacts on the lives of adults who learn differently is a challenge Care First Directors take very seriously, it’s this seriousness that led to the creation of Community Prospects CIC Limited in May 2016 – it’s aim, to reduce the impact, where possible, of funding cuts.

The driving force is seeing at first hand the life changing effects some structured belief, encouragement and gentle coaching helps adults like J.

Discover more, if you are an adult 16+ with mild to moderate learning difficulties or you care for such an adult just call Del directly on 0121 358 8164 or visit www.communityprospects.org.uk it could be the start of an amazing journey.