New Day Provision Aimed At Reversing the Reducing Number of Day Provision Opportunities Is Virtually Full In Less Than 6 Weeks!

Such is the popularity of our day services for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, places for our week day provision workshops are now growing scarce. It’s incredible, but 73 of the 100 available places have been filled within only 6 weeks.

Community Prospects CIC Limited is a brand new ‘not for profit’ organisation that’s been formed to create 100 vocational learning places for adults aged 16+ with a learning difficulty, learning disability, brain injury, mental health illness or autism (adults who learn differently).

Community ProspectsIts aim is to beat the trend of big funding chances which continually reduce vocation learning/day provision places available for adults who learn differently. These cuts continually take away their chance to enjoy great independence in life, improved wellbeing and more life choices.

Neil Thorogood, Director of Finance and Business Development says “It is our belief that adults who learn differently can make massive strides forward with their lives and achieve outcomes they and their carers initially thought were beyond them, by attending vocational, practical and fun day provisions”.

He adds “our day provision is designed to create greater independence, improved wellbeing and many more life choices”.

Improved self-belief has a big impact on greater independence and we build this through conquering the disbelief that things can’t be done.

car valetingTaking a practical and fun approach to a day provision that includes woodcraft, bike maintenance, and arts and crafts, as well as car valeting and personal development helps to turn ‘can’t do’ into ‘can do’ because it conquers disbelief. It’s all achieved by involving the students, trusting them and teaching through help and guidance.

They can stand back and say “Yes, I built that bird box”, “Yes I helped to rebuild that bike”, “Yes, I feel fitter” and “Yes, I helped to turn that dirty car into a gleaming clean machine that put a big satisfied smile on the owners face”.

At Community Prospects CIC Limited, our belief is that once you believe you can, you can and your world changes – we’re watching worlds change.

If you have a family member who is 16+ and learns differently, is without provision and would like to change their world, then visit or call Del directly on 0121 358 8164.

Don’t delay, as 73 of the 100 available places have gone.