Community Prospects CIC Limited – Why Did This New Day Provision Come Into Being?

“A passionate desire to beat the trend of continual, often ferocious cuts in the number of day provision places available to adults who learn differently drives the opening of a brand new ‘not for profit’ provision”

Beating the trend of big funding changes that continually reduce the number of vocational learning places available to adults 16+ with a learning difficulty, learning disability, brain injury, mental health or autism (adults who learn differently) is the aim of this new ‘not for profit’ community interest company (CIC).

To thwart some of the impact of continually reducing services, the directors of Care First Limited have launched a totally new day provision via a brand new ‘not for profit’ community interest company (CIC) called Community Prospects CIC Limited.

Having witnessed, on many occasions over the past 20 years, adults who learn differently enjoying greater independence, their lives benefiting from improved wellbeing and seeing them relishing more life choices – beating funding changes is absolutely imperative to the directors of Care First Limited.

“It is our belief that, adults who learn differently can enjoy; greater independence, improved wellbeing and many more life choices as well as make massive strides forward with their lives and achieve outcomes they and their carers initially thought were beyond them” says Neil Thorogood Director of Finance and Business Development.

Chris Winter CEO adds,With patience, belief and guidance, everybody can learn, everybody can participate and everybody can contribute to making this world a happier place.”

Community Prospects CIC Limited’s focus will be on encouraging service users to be more independent by:

  • conquering disbeliefs through moments of triumph
  • turning a can’t do attitude into a can do belief
  • fulfilling greater life choices through increased confidence and
  • enjoying greater wellbeing by sampling the delights of satisfaction when completing the many projects on offer

How do we do this?

By using our 20 years of experience gained delivering fun, practical and absorbing learning opportunities in bite sized chunks that interest and engage the learner, allowing them to learn at their own pace in a non-academic way.

To learn more about what’s available and where, who it’s for and who it’s not suitable for, and to look up timing and projects available, please mouse over to

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