Community Prospects Student Awards

“Delight filled the faces of the students. Proud parents sat bolt upright and big triple decker homemade cakes beckoned to be demolished.”

What was a quiet classroom in the morning became a presentation suite in the afternoon, buzzing with excitement, expectation and eagerness. Students, eyes wide with anticipation, Mum’s and Dad’s faces full of pride, a pile of crisp parchment certificates, some triple decker homemade cakes and the smell of freshly brewed coffee, it could only be one thing – student awards afternoon.

It’s a joy to see that accomplishment means so much to the students, especially as a number of them had been convinced that their learning difficulty/disability would mean they couldn’t achieve City and Guilds qualifications. There were certificates achieved by everyone at the student awards celebration – no losers, all winners.

Community Prospects Student Awards

Woodcraft, furniture restoration, cycle maintenance, model building, as well as arts and crafts, are all available within Community Prospects CIC Limited. Our not for profit company is where all these students continue to learn, continue to grow and continue to enjoy positive outcomes. All the hard work put in, a friendly hand here and there and a few gentle words of encouragement had all accumulated to this – a wonderful celebration.

It’s so good to see the expressions of satisfaction on the faces of students, their mums, dads and carers. It’s amazing to feel the positive energy in the room and it’s wonderful to know you can live and learn for a brighter future.

A big, loud, happy hoorah for all the students as they came up to receive their certificates. A special heartfelt thank you goes out to both the volunteers (most of whom are ex-students on a pathway to possible work placements) and a proud team of staff.

Now to that serious challenge – so many delicious looking cakes, all homemade by students from our Tamworth hub, to be eaten and washed down with great smelling coffee, refreshing tea or fruity squash.

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