Community Prospects CIC Christmas Closing Dates

After an exciting year for our day provision, the Community Prospects CIC breaks up for Christmas on Thursday the 22nd December.

We will return in the New Year on Tuesday the 3rd of January, so if you feel that we can help the adult you care for to enjoy life more and benefit from new experiences, request your free no obligation information pack here.

To read more about the Community Prospects CIC and learn about our students and the benefits of the activities they engage in, visit our blog page.


Brand Spanking New Day Provision is Cranking Up Some Astonishing Student Activity

Right now, nature is getting ready for winter and Community Prospects CIC students are beavering away creating insect hotels and hedgehog homes on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

You get a great looking product that helps nature beat the winter challenge and the students get that wonderful sense of satisfaction as well as learning some new problem solving, communication and safe working skills.  To order yours call Del on 0121 358 8164.

As autumn gradually fades into winter, our roads get dirtier and dirtier; something that Community Prospects students are just relishing because Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are all about car valeting – dirty cars in and squeaky clean cars out.

It takes some careful teamwork to get the inside hoovered, the outside washed and then the whole car finished ready for its proud owner to drive away, especially now word has got out and there’s a queue!  But it’s not just about teamwork – there’s some careful planning, some cleaning products procurement involved and lots of team communication.

It’s turning into a fun week, so far nature has been given a helping hand, cars have been washed and there’s still half a week left.

“I like coming here because it’s exciting and it’s something good to do” says Craig S.

Nick H exclaims “I love it!”.

Glendon T says “It’s helped me to concentrate and get on with other people better”.

Now in the other half of the week there’s furniture restoration, personal development sessions, cycle maintenance and some craft and design and there’s more to come!

Beating the trend of big funding changes that continually reduce the number of vocational learning places available to adults 16+ with a learning difficulty, learning disability, brain injury, mental health or autism (adults who learn differently) is really starting to pay off.  Yes, we had 20 years’ experience to call upon, but you never know if a new venture will work. With 77 of the 100 available places filled, Community Prospects CIC is well on its way.

But and it’s a very big but, it’s not about us it’s all about helping adults who learn differently find a better place in their world with more choices, learn in an environment they feel comfortable and welcome in, as well as make new friends whilst broadening their horizons.

George B says “It’s encouraged me to express myself”.

“It’s helped my confidence” says Natalie Samantha W.

Sintero C expains “It helps me take my mind away from problems I may have elsewhere”.

To see what you or the adult you care for could be doing, just call Del directly on 0121 358 8164 or visit

Community Prospects CIC
Community Prospects CIC Up Running and in Action


New Day Provision Aimed At Reversing the Reducing Number of Day Provision Opportunities Is Virtually Full In Less Than 6 Weeks!

Such is the popularity of our day services for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, places for our week day provision workshops are now growing scarce. It’s incredible, but 73 of the 100 available places have been filled within only 6 weeks.

Community Prospects CIC Limited is a brand new ‘not for profit’ organisation that’s been formed to create 100 vocational learning places for adults aged 16+ with a learning difficulty, learning disability, brain injury, mental health illness or autism (adults who learn differently).

Community ProspectsIts aim is to beat the trend of big funding chances which continually reduce vocation learning/day provision places available for adults who learn differently. These cuts continually take away their chance to enjoy great independence in life, improved wellbeing and more life choices.

Neil Thorogood, Director of Finance and Business Development says “It is our belief that adults who learn differently can make massive strides forward with their lives and achieve outcomes they and their carers initially thought were beyond them, by attending vocational, practical and fun day provisions”.

He adds “our day provision is designed to create greater independence, improved wellbeing and many more life choices”.

Improved self-belief has a big impact on greater independence and we build this through conquering the disbelief that things can’t be done.

car valetingTaking a practical and fun approach to a day provision that includes woodcraft, bike maintenance, and arts and crafts, as well as car valeting and personal development helps to turn ‘can’t do’ into ‘can do’ because it conquers disbelief. It’s all achieved by involving the students, trusting them and teaching through help and guidance.

They can stand back and say “Yes, I built that bird box”, “Yes I helped to rebuild that bike”, “Yes, I feel fitter” and “Yes, I helped to turn that dirty car into a gleaming clean machine that put a big satisfied smile on the owners face”.

At Community Prospects CIC Limited, our belief is that once you believe you can, you can and your world changes – we’re watching worlds change.

If you have a family member who is 16+ and learns differently, is without provision and would like to change their world, then visit or call Del directly on 0121 358 8164.

Don’t delay, as 73 of the 100 available places have gone.

“It's been an Amazing Journey, Not Always Easy” – Here's a Brief Insight

When J.S. first came with his support worker to talk to us about the learning opportunities we offer he was living in a secure residential hospital due to a breakdown. He was very, very quiet, withdrawn and needed his self-esteem boosted.

He chose the cycle workshop and started in November 2010 under what was then our college provision.

Community Prospects CIC
J.S. standing proudly with one of the bikes he has rebuilt

To begin with, his attendance was very patchy and he needed to be escorted, but with some patience and gentle encouragement his attendance improved and as it improved so did his self-belief. Bit by bit he gradually started to settle into his tasks and more importantly, interact with his fellow learners, support staff and tutor.

Over time, J’s confidence has grown and grown, helping him to engage with others; both students and customers. His bike maintenance and mechanical problem solving skills just continue to improve.

He’s moved out of the residential hospital and back home with his wife (over 30 miles away). Initially, J travelled independently by train, but having recently rebuilt his driving proficiency, he now drives to and from Community Prospects CIC Limited.

All of these positives started once he visited RAF Cosford without his carer, a day he really enjoyed, a day he made friends and a day that marked the start of this amazing journey.

Today, 6 years later, he’s in a totally different, much better place.

He’s a valued member of the team; he works alongside staff as a volunteer/mentor and happily helps out others, ensuring that they also benefit from the skills he has learnt.

His long-term goal is to return to full time paid work, a goal he continually makes great strides towards and will meet.  It’s been an amazing journey, not always easy but J.S. has worked hard to achieve so much.

When asked about his journey he says “I like coming here because it is good to help others, it’s nice to have structure in my life. It’s sad for me when somethings go wrong like Shoib who is no longer here and now he has no structure”.

The trend of big funding cuts having negative impacts on the lives of adults who learn differently is a challenge Care First Directors take very seriously, it’s this seriousness that led to the creation of Community Prospects CIC Limited in May 2016 – it’s aim, to reduce the impact, where possible, of funding cuts.

The driving force is seeing at first hand the life changing effects some structured belief, encouragement and gentle coaching helps adults like J.

Discover more, if you are an adult 16+ with mild to moderate learning difficulties or you care for such an adult just call Del directly on 0121 358 8164 or visit it could be the start of an amazing journey.