Model Maker’s Dream Comes True – Here’s How

It was just over 40 years ago, as a child, Michael was unfortunately involved in a road traffic accident.  A road traffic accident that changed his life forever, resulting in Michael acquiring a learning difficulty and later on, some mental health challenges.

These changes caused Michael some difficulties as he grew into an adult. However, he has always done his level best to support himself through various jobs. For enjoyment, he helped as a volunteer, in the regeneration of Birmingham’s canals.

It’s during this time he developed a passion for working with wood and building models. It was his passion for working with wood that drew him to Care First’s wood working group some 18 months ago.

Initially, Michael was very quiet, much happier in his own space. Although not initially keen on working with other students, Michael was clearly very at-home working with wood.

How Community Prospects has helped Michael

Unfortunately, the funding for free courses changed at the end of last summer. This is a change that affected a lot of adults like Michael. It’s this impact that spurred Care First’s directors to set up a brand new ‘not for profit’ business called Community Prospects CIC Limited.

This new venture gives adults like Michael, who have a learning difficulty and can be challenged by mental health, an opportunity to develop their skills, be part of something positive and make a contribution to the community.

As Community Prospects gained momentum and places started to be taken, Michael was fortunate to get some help and gain a place.  With Community Prospects being a start-up business with greater flexibility, it was able to help Michael realise a dream.

You’ll see him below in his workshop with some of the models he has made. In fact, they’ve become so popular an order book has been started to make sure everything is made in order.

Community Prospects

You can’t start to imagine the positive impact, the calming influence and the self-esteem boost that this has given Michael.  He’s a friendlier and happier person and now invites fellow students into his space.

Come and find out more about Community Prospects, take a look at how it’s helping adults with learning difficulties/disabilities move their lives for forward either call Del on 0121 358 8164 or visit